Intelligence is correlated to the ability to adapt to different environments and circumstances. The higher the intelligence, the easier it is to deal with ambiguity, incomplete information, and to make intuitive leaps in logic that turn out to be productive and right. The lower the intelligence, the less likely it is to adapt to change and the less likely it is for that organism to be successful in the new and changing environment.
Democrat politicians tend to lack the ability to deal with ambiguous information, to make correct intuitive generalizations, and therefore seem to lack the basic intelligence needed to adapt and survive. This is why the Democrat party is slowly losing favor due in large part to a failure to deal effectively with changes taking place in the political landscape, and this failure to adapt is directly correlated to the general lack of intelligence demonstrated by Democrats.
by Dr. Rogers March 8, 2005
The relative speed and capacity at which one can comprehend, analyze, and utilize data.
Intelligence pales in comparrison to self-discipline and determination.
by Revy D. Bishop September 3, 2006
A subtle way talk about a girls boobs or rack without everyone around you thinking your a pervert.
Wow look at her shes got HUGE intelligence!!!

Ya shes ok but her intelligence isn't up to par.
by MayorMcCheese October 17, 2006
To a majority of this brainwashed generation, very hard to explain let alone actually realize. It has very little to do with how many proven "facts" have been "known" to "mankind". Intelligence, in my perception, is finding truth and spreading truth with love. Knowing it's is not solid, liquid, nor gas, but just part of one thing. That's it. One.
Intelligence is something anyone can discover, you just have to willingly shut your eyes and reopen them to a new realization.
by ABCDLSD October 25, 2009
Condor: man im almost extinct D: humans need intelligence!!!
White Rhino: Im sorry, humans just cant get it. :/
by OOGA BOOGA JOOGA GOOGA January 4, 2017
pronounced: In-tel-li-jizz-um

A form of prejudice focused towards people who lack common sense (a.k.a. Idiots) and people who fall into stereotypical classifications.

Not to be confused with racism or sexism, this form of hatred does not focus on gender or race, but focuses on how a person presents themself.

See also Intelligist
Intelligism at it's best is hating fat people that are so fat they qualify for disability parking. I mean COME ON! The walk might actually do you some good, you Gigantic Whale Cunt. Lose some weight you redneck, goat humping, Turd chomper
by TheSantaMan August 13, 2006
1.<n> The level of knowledge a being or object holds or possesses.
2.<n> A superior being within a society such as in dimensional planes that rule over lesser territories.
We will use a Unnamed Being (Wei) to emphasize the word intelligence.

1. Weis' intelligence surpasses many of those who know him.
2. The Intelligence, Wei, guides the and rules over the inhibitants of the small territory, siscool.
by CompleteCell March 19, 2006