1. Capable of logic reasoning.
2. Me.
I'm omnipresent.
Thus the SETI project is useless.
by Ravek March 23, 2004
N; A theoretical measure of a persons ability to conjigate words, weigh logic, and make calculations and judgments. not to be confused with Wisdom.
1. Few people have the inteligence to carry on a decent conversation.

2.Many submiters lack the inteligence to properly define a word.
by Bookworm February 4, 2005
someone who says they are intelligent in the wrong way
Tyler: I am very intelligence!
by Anonymus February 7, 2003
Intelligence is the stat that increases your Spell Power.
If you don't get it, you're obviously lacking Intelligence, go do some quests, get a few level ups, stop asking trade chat "Did someone say Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?" and soon you'll understand.
by What I Say Is True, Haha! September 7, 2016
“if we had a intelligency test, i would win
by ellie b November 1, 2019
something that has a complex unto itself. it can never leave itself alone if IT thought it was intelligent, nor stop bagging themselves out about how smart/dumb they are. like a height complex, but with intelligent instead of tall
i guess i have no intelligence if i'm insulted
by laughingidiot March 20, 2009
What AYB lacks, despite all his claims of cerebellum superiority. This douche thinks the center of the universe revolves around him and his 'fame' on urban dictionary.
I think that prick should be beaten with his own shoe for the lack of intelligence he shows with his 'fluent' definitions.
by Alistair Crowley May 5, 2003