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pronounced: In-tel-li-jizz-um

A form of prejudice focused towards people who lack common sense (a.k.a. Idiots) and people who fall into stereotypical classifications.

Not to be confused with racism or sexism, this form of hatred does not focus on gender or race, but focuses on how a person presents themself.

See also Intelligist
Intelligism at it's best is hating fat people that are so fat they qualify for disability parking. I mean COME ON! The walk might actually do you some good, you Gigantic Whale Cunt. Lose some weight you redneck, goat humping, Turd chomper
by TheSantaMan August 13, 2006
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pronounced: in-tell-ee-jist

A person who practices Intelligism
After being askes by the woman where she could find the elbow grease, the Intelligist employee responded by slapping her and telling her to get back in the kitchen to make him a Sammich
by TheSantaMan August 13, 2006
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A colorful term for "Fruity Pebbles" in relation to "Cocoa Pebbles"

This termonology refers to the supreme distaste I have for cereal that tastes like a mixture of garbage, shit, rotten flesh, santorum, and vaginal fliuds.
Technicolor hershey squirts are just like the shits with a little more color and flavor.
by TheSantaMan November 27, 2006
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