A cliche used by sports media to describe aspects of a player's game or personality which cannot be tracked by statistics.

This usually refers to leadership qualities or enthusiasm for the game.
Shane Battier is a true leader who brings intangibles to the table.

Colton Smith has insane upside as well as great intangibles.

While it's true that he puts up stats, he just doesn't have any intangibles.
by Digitech January 4, 2011
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Something that can not be touched.
Nobody, otherwise known as Nobody with a capital N, is intangible to anyone but a Bunny.
by NobodyAIHeart November 26, 2005
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Not defined as a tangible metric because the idea, opinion or judgment lacks quantification.
The subjective factors in qualitative analysis are often obscured when dismissed for intangibility reasons.
by Risk Manager June 9, 2017
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to be immune to tangerines.
"I am now Intangible and cannot be hurt by that foul fruit!"
by DArealdefintion99 February 8, 2010
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To Be Immune to Tangerines
I am now intangible to those foul fruits!!
by DArealdefintion99 February 17, 2010
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Intangible asset are those assets of the company which cannot be touched like goodwill, patents, trade marks.
When company A acquires Company B, then amount of money A pays over actual values of B comes under goodwill which is intangible asset.
by Transtutors June 25, 2013
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