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A precious most expensive. A diamond. A profession of a leader, major and captain. Normally a lady born of Romania. Sense of seriousness leads the way. But also very kind towards the nation. Does not apply cruelity in serving for the world. A lovely child of Persian parents. Could be walking the way alone like she could've rule it alone. Married to a majestic gentleman. Grew up to be a beautiful, graceful, and lovely queen.
"you're precious like an Intan"

"you know the tale of Intan and her two kids?"
by Luke82 December 26, 2016
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So kind and pretty girl. Also have a warm heart. So lovely person and sweet in the world
"intan, you so kind"
"Intan, you look pretty today"
by adah December 27, 2016
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Term for something that is extreme in beauty or sex appeal.
Also a term for a girl with huge breasts.
"Intan, you're looking really hot right now"
by Toddles January 05, 2008
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A bitch , a slut , very fake people. Always talk shit behind people. She thinks she is pretty but reality not. She pretend that she's nice in front of people and people start trust her but behind the people she always talk shit.
Intan is very ugly. Perangai teruk. Muka hodoh pulak tu
by Syasyahow July 13, 2018
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