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A girl who posts an excessive amount of revealing or provocative pictures on instragram
"did you see all those slutty pictures that girl put on Instagram? She's such an instahoe"
by JwuGing July 10, 2012
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A girl who does nasty things on her instagram for attention
Dude1:Bella thornes so hot
Dude2:but shes a instahoe
Dude1:yeah your right
by Cocojoebro May 28, 2018
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A hoe who shows of 90% of her body (only pussy and tits are a little bit covered) for attention
Robert: Damn i just found an Instahoe!
John: Name please, i need new fap material
by Pussy_Destroyer69 March 07, 2016
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A person, male or female, who likes a large amount of someone's photos (spamming) on Instagram in return for a SHOUTOUT, or S/O
Man, that instahoe spammed me AGAIN. Maybe if I give her a S/O, she'll control her double-tap.
by deangelo_raw December 31, 2012
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(N) - anyone who uses instagram as a source for getting laid. These people typically scour through follower lists of their friends that they actually know in person, in order to increase the chances of this new user actually living nearby. Beware of Instahoes, because they did it to you, which means they will probably do it again.
I met my girlfriend on Instagram, and boy was that stupid. She cheated on me with another Instagram user who lives nearby. What an Instahoe.
by truthseeker__ August 16, 2014
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A female /male who try’s to get a buzz off someone on social media by exposing them,talking down on their name or have any type of relationship with them
“U a instahoe because u only talking to her to get your followers up”
by Ok._mikey July 09, 2018
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