Really fucking rude to a teacher/alpaca by aggravating them in a science lesson
"YOU DRAW A DIAGRAM" says Jesse the Student "YOU ARE JUST INSOLENT YOU DIAGRAM A DIAGRAM" says alpaca/teacher
by WEOW88 October 8, 2010
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The heart-wrenching and disturbing quality of being offensive, rude, inappropriate, impolite, disrespectful, etc.; lacking the splendid qualities of respect and honor.
OFFENDER: "That shit is so fucking gay!"
ME: "Such insolence!!"
by Simon of the Desert May 20, 2007
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Some blowhard who doesn't know his place. Gets involved or talks about things that he knows nothing about or has no part in.
I know your sister better than you and I'm a master at your family function... This isn't insolence, I'm simply omniscient (it's totally insolence)
by The Winds of Thor March 28, 2015
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1. Feeling a sense of isolation.
2. Feeling insecure.

Word Root; Comes from the words isolation, meaning to be alone, and insecurity, meaning to feel uneasy or nervous.
1. The new child always felt insolity because no one talked to her.
2. The exam filled the student with insolity.
by MagicAce August 30, 2016
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when a pleb blonde or tit comes out with a phrase or term that is truly batty and requires punishment for such twattery
wot the fuk are you talking about....INSOLENCE


you fuking insolent fools
by benji haynes May 31, 2005
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Nerdy foot apparatus worn by geeks
I've just bought insoles for my new nike trainers because they were £6
by NerdyGeek101 June 6, 2014
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an offensive, impudent or disrespectful woman. Typically used to describe a rude prostitute or a woman that doesn't know her place.
Male 1 : So, did you meet up with that girl last night?
Male 2 : Yeah, but she refused to go down. She was such an insolent whore!
by BadWithWomenTo April 17, 2010
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