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A beach in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard. It got its name because in the 1950s, it was visited by practically all Black people.
"Let's go chill at the Inkwell and play on the jetty!"
by Delancey August 19, 2005
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where the rats hang out. the home of NJ emo trash and bomb ass onion rings (the dutch coffee is 🔥 too). a good place to bring the family if you want 16 year olds blowing smoke in little timmy's face.
"aye serrano u tryna get inkwell"
by derekh August 19, 2016
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Just as you're about to cum, you pull out and blast it on the chick. Use your finger to write your name on her, then stick it in her ear.
I once did the inkwell to my wife. Well, my soon-to-be ex-wife I suppose.
by PakChun November 30, 2012
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