A form of syncopated music with a lively melodic line and a steady bass line that was popular from 1890-1920.
"Maple Leaf Rag"(1899) and "The Entertainer"(1902) by Scott Joplin.
by ragtimebuddy April 30, 2005
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Something that someone says that another considers foolish; absurd; an absurd comment
"Oh Carol, you're talking ragtime."
by MoxiliciousK2 April 22, 2007
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When a female goes through that certain period of her menstrual cycle.
Dude, look at your pants...I think it's ragtime.
by Joe W. September 11, 2004
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to show off.
he was ragtiming like a fool.
by Jeffrey Ang March 4, 2003
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When a group of women all get their periods at the same time.
At the office today, it was nothing but a ragtime festival. All of the women in accounting were bitching about the vending machine being out of chocolate - the whole freakin' day.
by lemon40 October 10, 2007
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1) The depression one feels when one's lover is experiencing heavy flow menstruation and sex is not an option.
2) The frustration of abstaining from sex while experiencing menstruation

Derived from the words "rag and "blue" which describe a sanitary napkin and the color of testicles containing overabundant semen respectively.
1)"What's the matter? Not getting any from Amy?"

"It's been the ragtime blues lately."

2)"What's the matter, Amy? Ragtime Blues?"
by Spidey Sutra January 7, 2009
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The masturbation one has to resort to in order to relieve sexual tension when one's female partner is menstruating and either unable or unwilling to partake in vaginal sex. Usually refers to a solo act but can also refer to the hand relief supplied by the menstruating partner.
1. I say, darling, as you're on blob this week any chance of a Ragtime Shuffle? I really need to shift this dirty water off my chest.

2. Yeah, got in last night with a diamond cutter only to find that her indoors has got the painters in. So it was upstairs into the bog for a quick Ragtime Shuffle before tea. Sorted.
by Shiker November 2, 2010
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