A Term said at the end of a sentence when proving somebody right or explaining yourself or another way of agreeing
Man1 : you know that cheese is not okay to eat Init Lite!

Man2 :ya i know im still gonna eat it dont wanna waste it Init Lite
by treva192009 October 1, 2009
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A roadmap pgrase that mainley annoying 12 year olds say to “act hard
12 year old acting hard: Meet me at the chicken shop
Other 12 year old acting hard: init the mandem
by Tyeposmecunt October 21, 2019
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V. When you are drinking with a partner and you feed them a shot through a kiss.
I was drinking with my friend Suzi yesterday and she asked for a drink, so I bird-init straight to her when we started to makeout.
by Ace madea February 12, 2019
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