Ingi is a name for people that are most commonly simply Awesome, Ingi's are always very sexy.
Ingi is an Icelandic Boy name witch means: the one and only

it's commonly mistaken by poor names as Ingimar Ingjaldur Ingólfur Ingvar but they are always names for faggots or/and ugly boys
Ingi Ingasson
Ingi Erlingsson
adolf ingi erlingsson
by IngZo November 26, 2010
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Best person alive. very unique, smart & funny. she definitly rather be home than at school. If she calls you, you'd better pick up. Continuous talking until stopped. Is obsessed with netflix (especially FRIENDS) and loves her friends: I, F, F, M, S,F&F .
look! that's definitly an Ingy.
by yyyyyyoooooooo November 05, 2019
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An ingy bingy is when a mate typically male and Aussie, thrusts his hand into the armpit or kneepit of another friend. The act is not sexual though could be if desired.
Guy 1: Watch me ingy bingy this guy.
Guy 2: Bruh, nice.
by lilglock January 23, 2019
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