The act of inserting a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka into another's rectum, and then popping the cap by clenching the butt-cheeks.
Vladimir: How goes your weekend comrade Nikoli?
Nickoli: Wonderful, did the Russian Infusion Maneuver at a party the other day
by WIlll Smith December 31, 2015
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When you go on urban dictionary so much that you decide to use the newly found definitions on everyone else...
The severity can often be pretty large due to the very random things in which go on.
Person when he/she is urban dictionary infused: "Well I have been mindlessly searching for hilarious words for ages. I might use one on my friend and call him a cockjugglingthundercunt."
by randomguy02 August 31, 2013
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a strange cigarette with a cool looking filter and fire red yellow and orange box that tastes somewhat like fruity pebbles or something to that degree. best used when stoned and in copious amounts.
hey man i want cigarettes lets get those weird ass camel infused cigarettes they taste like fruity fucking pebbles!

duuuude yeah lets do it.... wheres the fucking money?
by harvey handbanana April 26, 2010
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A form of rock n roll combining elements of country, rock, rhythm and blues, and psychedelia. Commonly associated with Byron Daniel and The Five Dead Dogs.
That Rural Infused Sweat Rock band blew my fucking mind.
by BDofTheDDs February 9, 2021
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Male cock infusion is the process of infusing your cock with a flavor... this process is done with a 5 gauge needle inserted in the piss hole
His cock tasted like banana I think he did male cock infusion
by Loofahkilla February 26, 2021
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During sex, the man pulls out right before he is about to blow his load, and quickly rams his cock into her mouth to deposit it, infusing her mouth with warm protein.
I was fucking my girl last night. I thought I'd switch things up, and gave her a protein infusion. She gagged and kicked me out of bed. I wound up sleeping on the couch.
by Rosobola May 27, 2016
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A semi-pro critical ops player who screams to much at his ipad. Oh and btw Slavery Was A Choice
and Brexit Means Brexit!
Oh, you sound like infuse.
by Real BigLad Chav September 1, 2018
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