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Nickoli is an amazing best friend. He will listen to your problems and help you solve them as best he can. Nickoli is kind, witty, smart, loving, but if you piss him off, prepare to be shunned. He is always there for you when you need him, however, if you ask him to be on time, don't expect it; Nickoli is always "fashionably late." Speaking of fashion, he has lots of it! He loves to watch movies and gossip. One thing that is most important about him is that when he loves you, you better not leave him. He loves with his whole heart and mind and when he's dumped, he needs time to heal. He loves jokes (cheesy ones included!). The only downside to Nickoli is that he is very pessimistic; he is typically friends with optimistic people that cheer him up. He is also very strong-minded and knows what he wants. And keep in mind that if he's stubborn or aggressive towards you, it will pass if you try to make it better. If you're lucky enough to have a Nickoli in your life, keep him close!
"Nickoli is the best friend anyone could ask for!"
by BooBug November 24, 2012
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Nickoli is an imbecile to girls, but he likes to tease one particular girl. He is annoying, rude, arrogant, a smart-ass, very good-looking (unfortunately)& narcissistic . He is loved by the opposite sex (because he is described as 'hot' from other people) but the person who is writing this doesn't know why as he is a huge player and thinks of girls as tissues, he uses them and throws them away. He is a complete jerk. He uses cheeky pick-up lines which sends girls to be flustered but this one particular girl, who he teases and annoys, sometimes, he shows a different side to her. In these times he's not an imbecile, sometimes, he is a loving, delightful, admirable and a genuine person. This girl and himself met when they were young, at a tutoring class, they hated each other to no end, but this girl, she cannot stop thinking about him after many years. They poked their tongues out at each other, made funny faces and pulled hilarious pranks each other. The girl can honestly say it was one of the best times of her life, the time she spent with him. She still yearns to know if Nickoli is thinking of her. Nickoli has a reputation of being the 'bad boy' , but this girl sees different. She sees an amazing guy who loves his family and who is a very smart and attractive (as hard as it is to admit). Hopefully, Nickoli will one day remember the girl who was right in front of him, me.
Example 1: Oh my gawd! Nickoli is such a jerk!
Example 2: I know right?! But I can't stop thinking about him.
by starfish99<3 April 05, 2013
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They usually call them 6 eyes, because they have two 'I's in there name.

Very one of a kind and unique in his more ways in more ways then just his name.
WOW, that Nickolis over there, Ive never seen someone like that!
by anon3726 March 19, 2018
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