An inflation fetish is a fetish of having a sexual desire twords somebody (primarily humans) having there stomach, breasts, arms, legs, or sometimes all growing larger than life. The fetish started with the Willy wonka movies.
by Juicebud February 9, 2019
When a person on Facebook has hundreds, even thousands, of people on their friend list just to seem 'cool' to their peers. None of these people actually know or may have little contact/interaction with the person sending the friend request. The person sending the friend request think it is cool to have 2000/3000 friends on Facebook, but they never actually like any of their updates because they honestly don't care about the requester.
Aaron: Look at how many friends Kathrine has!
Javier: Yeah, but no one has liked any of her 10 post in the last hour.
Aaron: You're right, she just has an inflated friendlist
by KevinRunn October 26, 2011
n.) the phenomenon where one's facebook "likes" become inflated, meaningless, or worthless due to overuse.
Chris: Alexa always likes everything I post within seconds, her likes are so common that they've become meaningless.

Tom: Bitch does that to me too!

Erik: She suffers from extreme like inflation.
by rBergman January 8, 2012
Similar to economic inflation, GPA inflation is a drop in value of the "grade points" used in most schools today due to a dramatic increase in competition. In the past, a 4.0 used to be sufficient, but now it's hardly enough.

Strained by the sheer number of incoming applications, many colleges try to narrow down the applicants by accepting only those with the highest GPA. This, in turn, causes students to try to raise, or "inflate," their GPA by taking AP, IB, or Honors courses.

Unfortunately, this causes the colleges to raise their bars even further since so many students have 4.0's or above.
A: Hey, look at this, College X just rejected this guy who had a 4.1!

B: What?! It was accepting 3.8's last year! That's just ridiculous...

A: GPA inflation, man. That's what it is.
by D zy July 30, 2009
Usually, belly inflation is done one of two different ways.
The two ways are:
Via Air
Vie Water Enema
first we will talk about air inflation.
The person that wishes to inflate her belly first gets a device capable of pumping air. Such things can be a bicycle pump or an aquarium pump. These items are perfect, for they both can pump air, and have long hoses for easy inflation. Then the hose is inserted three to for inches up the anus to insure that no air escapes, this is done by perhaps lubing the hose with vasoline. Air is then slowly forced into the rectum and then into the colon. This air rises, and pushes on all the walls of the colon. This pressure builds, and pushes the belly outward. Often during first time inflations, little to no change can be seen. but after practice, an expansion of over 40 inches waist can be achieved. Air is then let out naturally.

For water inflation.
The most common way to do a water inflation is in the shower. Most showers come with separate heads located on long hoses. These heads can be removed and the hose nozzle is then inserted into her anus. Then, with small amounts of pressure, the same process of slowly inflating begins to push the belly out. Often, by practicing, larger belly expansion is achieved. In fact, most girls tend to turn up the pressure to a higher force, this can really really push the belly out and make lots of pressure. This plumpness from the water is the best type of inflation. From two years of experience, over 8 gallons of water can be held for over 10 minutes, making a soft, pale, and stretched belly. such roundness is quite choice.
person 1 " what is the hose for?"
girl " Inflating bitch!"
Person 1 " belly inflation?"
by inflatablegurl15 August 9, 2009
(n.) What goes on at Harvard. See Harvard.
A Harvard University report last spring complained of grade inflation that makes it easier to get high grades. Now the academic dean, Susan Pedersen, has released data showing that 49 percent of undergraduate grades were A's in 2001, up considerably from 23 percent in 1986.
by anycon September 18, 2005
Someone who not only has A VERY BIG AMOUNT OF CONFIDENCE but maybe just a bit too much. AKA When the ego is "inflated" hence the name, it means its bigger then the norm, which could get obnoxious.
Bill- hey i like how you dont care what ppl think and the fact that your confident
Alex- yeah i just dont care. i'm confident
Bill- yeah you are
Alex- nobody should be inconfident
Alex-the world should be more like me
Bill-well uhm
Alex- yeah thats it. the world would be a better place if everyone
was more like me
Bill- what an inflated ego

next example

Bill-thats a good joke
Alex- yeah it is
Alex- you know, i'm really funny
Bill- yeah ur funny
Alex- no i'm REALLY funny. it kills me sometimes
Bill- well dont be cocky
Alex- i'm not being cocky its true, i'm so funny, and everyone knows it

by I_is_good August 13, 2006