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The idiots working in tech support call centers in India, who think that the ultimate solution to your tech problem is to reboot the fucking machine!
"Some Indiot in Bangalore told me to reboot my defective mouse!"
by ogman January 20, 2010
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A person of Indian decent, whom shows sign of not paying attention or simply not understanding anything.
Ugh, Diwali really brings out all the indiots...
by Godenades February 01, 2014
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The Indian kid who dresses up all in white during Black History month.
β€œMan, you had the balls to wear all white during Black History month? You’re such an indiot!”
by SS Pai May 05, 2018
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A pain in the ass Indian (from India on Yahoo)
That fucking Indiot keeps sending me stupid I.M's and abbreviates every damn word! He loves to say "pls show boobs on cam." Or "pls remove your clothes." ASSHOLES!
by Melanie April 29, 2004
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A person (male or female) of Asian Indian origin, who is laking in social skills, basic politenesses, and common sense, basically an idiot.
Man, that Ramachandra is such an indiot...
by drake0 August 22, 2007
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