The indie kid refuses to listen to music that is mainstream apart from artists they see as good. Even if this artist is mainstream the indie kid will still believe nobody else appreciates their music properly.
The indie kid doesn't wear big label clothes (with the exception of All Star Converse, their excuse being 'They didn't used to be cool.') and thinks he is better than everybody else because he has good taste in music. He will also usually pride himself on his superior knowledge in things other than bands, such as films, webcomics etc. And even refuse to be friends with people who like music he doesn't like. When he tells people they have bad taste in music and they then reply 'That's you're opinion.' he will disagree, and he likes them to argue for the band in question, not palm him off with a 'That's just your opinion.'
The stereotypical indie kid (male) is shy and skinny with dark grown out hair (not to be mistaken for emo hair, which is cut and styled with it's bangs, indie hair is just pure laziness to get it cut) who wears large t-shirts with obscure band names printed on them and jeans.
The indie kid is usually a bit of a nerd, spending alot of time on the computer, in the library or playing his guitar. He will try and make people love the music he listens to and then (rightfully) accuse them of trend-hopping when this has happened.
Poor, Unsuspecting Pop Kid- Coldplay are my favourite band!
Pretentious Indie Kid- You like Coldplay. Coldplay are a crap band.
PUPK- No, they're not! That's just you're opinion!
PIK- I hate it when you just say it's my opinion. You should give me reasons as to why Coldplay are good. But they're not, they're crap. They're generic etc. (and he rambles on about Coldplay)
PUPK- Who do you like then?
PIK- Well, I like The Decemberists, Broken Social Scene, Stars are OK, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Beta Band, Dexter Freebish (and he rambles on about bands he likes)
PUPK- Who?!?
by JEH August 07, 2005
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A teen who stays out of the usual popular trends and looks at finding and making their own trends. Indie kids are sometimes thought of as hippies because the way they dress is bright or earthy toned. most of these people wear many bracelets and are very creative or artsy. They are very motivated and passionate. Indie kids are very real people who will be very real with you. They enjoy listening to alternative music and "indie music" and love the outdoors and nature. Sometimes they can be loners but are often friends with other indie kids due to similar interests. Very cool people worth befriending.
Guy1: wow that girl is so unique! and i love her bracelets
Guy2: i bet she makes them herself. shes an indie kid
by gingerkatykat November 29, 2010
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"Indie" stands for "Independent". They listen to indie music, and often use ridiculous words like "raw" and "organic" to describe it. They seem to think their music is different from everyone else's when in fact it is the same.

Indie kids wear clothes from second hand shops, have an unfounded fascination in things like cassette tapes and vinyl, and often wear thick rimmed glasses.

The thing that makes their music "indie" is a mystery. Any type of music can be indie- rock, rap, bluegrass, etc. As long as the audience consists of old plaid and tight jeans, it is indie.

Indie kids get off on listening to music that nobody has heard of.(often times, it is some random crap they found on myspace) If they tell you their favorite band, and you have heard of it, they have failed as an indie kid.
Eric: "I'm so indie, my favorite band has only 14 plays on myspace"
Tom: "I'm so indie, I listen to bands that haven't even been invented yet"

Normal person: "What type of music does your band play?"
Indie kids: "Oh yeah, my band is like new post-modern-pre-hardcore alternative with a hint of crunk and turkish folk. We're pretty raw."

by dddman December 28, 2008
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Indie Kids are probably the sickest (excuse the lingo, sickest = best looking) looking crowd of teenagers.

Indie may include:

1) Skinnie Jeans
2) Winkle Picker Shoes or fred perry shoes or topman pumps or converse
3) smart buttoned up shirts with no tie
- checkered shirts
- plain shirts
- short sleeved/long sleeved
4) cardigan, usually unbuttoned
5) V-Neck Jumper
6) tight leather jacket
7) denim jacket/shirt
8) fred perry polos or any polo buttoned up
9) smart coats

Some people get indie mixed up with Emo or Scene, but there are is alot of difference.

There is alot of hate for indie kids from the metalhead world, probably jealousy due to popularity of most indie kids :)

"there is bare indie gash here tonight"
"you look proper indie today"
"im an indie kid"
by Scrotmans February 08, 2009
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Originally a fairly cool kid, who wore, did and listened to what they pleased. Dressed in anything that looked cool, from skinny jeans to loose jeans, to established branded polo shirts such as lyle and scott to newer fashions such as allsaints or any make that they personally like. Listened to older bands such as the smiths or more recent bands such as KOL or radiohead. Generally they didn't really care about other peoples opinions apart from their friends. However recently the definition has somewhat changed; Indie kids generally try too hard to be "indie" and try to be different, inadvertently becoming the same as other "indies". The new age indie generally waste a lot of time trying to launch hate campaigns emo's on facebook and the internet, bad-mouthing people who have different tatses and styles.
Examples of different attitudes to other people between new age and old age indies:

Indie kid 1: Oh, have you seen those people listening to top 40 and look at their clothes, they have no individuality!
Indie kid 2: I know, why can't everyone be so unique like us!

(Old school) indie kid 1: Hey, there actually seems to be one or two catchy songs with a beat coming out of the top 40 these days!
(Old school) indie kid 2: yeah, admitedly that kid has a fairly cool shirt too!
by bill789 November 10, 2010
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Listen to unmanufactured smaller labelled music - the blatently obvious bit.

they like bands such as : the strokes franz ferdinand and the cribs ( for those who werent too sure)

Many indie kids will quite easily be mistaken for an emo or scene kid - this is due to scene and emo's being newer groups, which have taken many indie attributes eg- drainpipes, blazers, polkadots and beads

Unlike emos, indies are happy and dont over do the hair ( too much spray/gel)

unlike scene kids, indies dont act childish or obsessive

indie kids can often seem arrogant, though many are not, and are actually very friendly people.

indie kids like to find bands that others have not heard of yet, and can get easily annoyed when people rave about that band once it is in the public eye (eg - arctic monkeys)
indie kids are generally quite smart and do tend to be well kept (like to look quite good, but not overdone)

indie kids like to be a little different, but more importantly like to be themselves.
i suppose myself, an indie kid would wear: drain pipe or straight legged trousers, and a blazer. my hair is parted, but not over done or covers and eye like an emo. i wear white trashed converse
but this is purely because there my favourite shoes and are so comfy because theyve been worn so much :)

a good example of a scene kid, would be very the same, but there hair would be much over done and they may wear make up ( boy ) there myspace will be well overdone, like be set out completely different and would have a good 300 friends, none of which they know, but would be other scene looking kids.

an emo : would wear either looser or drainpipes jeans and probably black converse, generally any colour but white. black shirts, infact as much black as posible, hair would be parted and go over there eye, and hair may be spiked at back. will be depressed and can be quite arrogant and morbid.
by shootums May 01, 2006
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People from 16 to 29 who listen to indie music. They are cool people, careless about what other chavs and scums thing about them. Usually they are smart, they wear cool stuff, they have a nice hair cut and they are different, different is the right word. Most choices that they do is the right one. They don't like chavs, emo kids and metal. They usually have an ipod full of songs of the Arctic Monkeys, Libertines, Belle and Sebastian and stuff like that. They do not wear rbk cos it's too chaving. Being indie is being what everyone wish to be, but they cannot. The reason? You're born indie or you can become an indie kid if another indie lad shows you the way.
Indie Kid: Hey mate, do you know about the Arctic Monkeys?
Chav,emo or tard: African monkeys? Yes they are those small and funny creatures
Indie Kid: Because of tards like you this country is falling down
by Stevooooo February 17, 2007
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