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Usually used by indie kids to make fun of scenesters. It takes the phrase hard core and it's usage in the word "hardxcore," and transforms it into "scenexcore," roughly meaning very scene.
OMGZZ!!! That shirt is so scenexcore! You're scenexcore like woah!

by Julianne Leanth April 05, 2005
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you know your a scene kid when:
-you look in the mirror just to take a picture.
-your haircut is the EXACT same as all of your friends.
-instead of inventing new trends, you steal others and call them original.
-you thinks dinosaurs & barrettes are a way of life.
-you listen to the blood brothers, but only because its the scene thing to do. lets face it they suck.
-your on myspace more then 8 hours a day.
-you spend 3 of those hours perfecting your picture in photoshop.
-you suck at life majorly.
"OMMGZZZ were like totalie SCENEXCOREEE!"
"dinos = scenexcore"
by i eat scene kids July 24, 2006
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a HardXcore kid more concerned with fashoin
two toned hair, tight jeans, an obsure tight band t-shirt, extansions, van/baby doll shoes, zip up hoodie

"omggggzzz your penknifelovelife t-shirt is sceneXcore"
by scenelikewoah September 03, 2005
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Scenexcore Noun/adj

Used to show or describe a non-typical scenester.
One that is Not exactly scene But dresses in such a way and has a similar manor to scene. Hangs out with Preps prepxcores scene etc.

2.Free spirted Emo
1.Emily c. Is so scenexcore

2. She is like the scenexcore that PWNS the most n00bz
by Gxcore November 02, 2006
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