The capital of this no-name non-existent state of Indiana. Indianapolis may be diverse in some ways. But the white people like to segregate themselves. They are also very rude towards minorities. I hate living here. Fu-k the Colts. They're way over-rated. The only good side of Iny is the cleanliness of some parts of the city, and the northern side of Indy, which actually is Carmel and Fisher. Totally different world. I would not want to live here permanently. Indy should be a nuclear weapons testing ground.
Scientist #1: Hey bro, let's test this nuke weapons somehwere in the US.

Scientist #2: yeah, I want to nuke Indianapolis. Such a horrible place with arrogant whiteys.
by YoYoScientists Bro July 10, 2008
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A boring, lifeless city smack in the middle of an even more boring, lifeless state. Here is a brief description of what people are like in this nothing town.

The inhabitants of this worthless city come in two forms.

If they're males: dumb, cocky jocks or fake, wannabe wiggers. All of them are more racist than strom thurmund yet steal their every behavior from ghetto black culture. They either shave their heads and grow goatees or if they're clean shaven they wear "bald fades" like the black people like hate so much. They think it makes them look "ruff n' tuff, muh fugger".

If they're females: frumps who wear gym shorts and t-shirts 365 days a year or sluts who wear clubwear even when totally inappropriate (like, say, church) because it's "hawt". Ironically, the women here earn more than the men do, since most men think anything other than being a convict, intermittent construction worker, a cop, or big box retail manager, all of which don't pay too well, is "for fags". The women, OTOH, actually get college degrees and better-paying jobs, even though it's always in "healthcare" or business admin. But instead of going for the few educated men in this town, they flock to the jock and wigger deadbeats like they're little Donald Trumps.
Me: Living in Indianapolis sucks, it's full of deadbeat morons who think they're big bad tough guys.

Friend: Yeah, try putting these jokers in some place like the south side of Chicago and see how long they last.

Me: I could write a 600 page book bashing this city and everybody in it...Too bad nobody here knows how to read and write!

Friend: Better use lots of slang and cuss words then or you'll lose your audience. Oh, and make sure there are lots of boobs and pictures of payton manning and UFC fighters. That'll hold their attention.
by hoofhearted80 September 14, 2011
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A sad city in the center of the U.S. state Indiana, there is nothing to do there and people should avoid this cesspool of depression and pot smokers.
by MonsterMoufesBoiBoi12 February 18, 2018
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