to stick a regulation sized NFL football in your vagina (females only) or anus (either sex) and exert enough pressure to hurl it at least 40 yards with pin-point accuracy
Man 1: "Hey, Man 2, you wanna do the Payton Manning?"

Man 2: "No man, my butt isn't loose, you should do it with Sally, it would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway"

Sally: "He's right"
by JT Super Bad January 16, 2007
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Payton manning is a looser, bitch, and a choke artist.
Payton Manning is a huge choke artist. He ranks up there with Tony Dungy, Scott Norwood, Bill Buckner,Thurman Thomas, and Alex Rodriguez as guys who just could not win the big game. 4 years at Tennessee and he couldn't win Manning leaves and the vols r champs. How about those 4 turnovers against the pats in the afc championship game. When the kicker gets drunk and talks about u that says it all
by robert Duffitt December 2, 2006
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