Being "in one's box" means to be sad, reserved, and in need of comfort just as a cat retreats into the smallest box possible to feel safe. One could be "in their box" if they are not interested in social interaction for any number of reasons.
Spencer said "I'm in my box" at dinner because he failed an exam but had already arranged to get food with a friend.
by dfskldkflhsdkf December 12, 2017
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Girl: you got me in my box.
Boy: I'm not here to push ya to do anything you don't want to.
by Jdawg88 December 09, 2013
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Verb - to have excellent sexual intercourse.

past tense - "rocked my box"

Variations: rock the box, rocked her box, rockin' the box
"I asked him to rock my box."

"Last night he rocked my box."

"Dude, last night I rocked her box. The bed moved."
by AMarie0908 May 13, 2010
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After really bad sex, you swear you'll never have it again.
The sex with Ed was so bad, I think he bricked my box.
by KUJ December 23, 2014
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The female equivalent of breaking my balls - the lady's version of this phrase. Expresses general annoyance, especially when someone is giving you a hard time.
"This traffic is totally breaking my box."
"These stupid Fed Ex commercials break my box."
As adjective: "He is such a box-breaker."

by YBMB October 14, 2008
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It is used to show you are annoyed. You say it when you're p***ed off. Generally used in Scotland.
"Christ, did you hear siobhan on saturday? she was doing ma box in!"
by Diddy October 02, 2004
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