theres a difference between love and being in love. you could love your family or friends or even your dog. but when you're IN LOVE, you would do anything for that person. you would do anything for them because you want to, not because you should. when you're in love you feel like nothing else in the world matters besides being with that person all of the time because they know exactly how you feel.
"i love you so much it isn't even fair. no one else even stands a chance. i really am in love with you."
by joshhhhhhhh September 02, 2007
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to feel love for someone deep within the innerness of your soul
to stand by someone against all areas of daily life whether its joy or agony
to look at someone and feel a uprising in your heart, one that words cannot even decribe.
It can't explain it, but I feel it...you don't even understand...I'm in love..
by 1020 February 05, 2007
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When two people know each other for who they really are, and like each other anyway.
Some people who are in love
by wewillneverknow September 20, 2005
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you have known the individual long enough to get to know them for who they really are and what they believe in; in which time you develop deep feelings for them as far as caring about their wellbeing and wanting to constantly be with them
After knowing Roderic for more than 5 years I fell in love with him because of his witiness and self-determination to accomplish goals set before him.
by Morgan Campbell June 09, 2005
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Staying up hours and hours thinking of them, and when you finally fall asleep, you dream of them; wishing that they could be with you everytime; getting in trouble with parents and cops for them; being GLADLY willing to die for them.
by sexychicken May 24, 2005
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When your completly head over heals with the person that you love...one of the best feelings a person can expieriance.
im so inlove with you!
by Bellaboy September 19, 2006
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To be truly in love- To be in your true and higher self. To forget self and seek the best for another.
Usually we are inspired to be "in love" by another person or righteous cause.

True love does not cause bad behavior. A need for control could be confused for love, and bad behavior is then justified as love. This is the opposite of love.
by 4str January 09, 2012
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