A term used to describe someone with an ugly, troll-like face.
That dude over there is such an imp face, just look at him! He's hideous!
by Sirberlinnh June 11, 2017
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a mobile fortnite player who shits on by aimboting his opponents
Dammit, IMP Jay, ur aim is so fuckin op
by Jayrr July 25, 2020
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A move so devastatingly horrifying typically in plants vs. Zombies garden warfare, 1 or 2, where an all-star presses the left bumper as soon as they make contact with anything that moves resulting in them killing you with it then t-bagging you typically because their father shows then no love or affection due to him leaving them at the age of 2
Plant: oh no! Its an imp punter!!!! What a fucking pussy
All-star: *left bumper spamming*

Plant: You fucking bitch.
All-star: *t-bags*
by Deez ur mom lmao October 31, 2021
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