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A sexy girl, can make make your dick go up in seconds.

She is shy, and quiet, but when she is with her friends she is loud, and crazy.
She is hotter than the sun, and flawless.
Most girls want to be her, but she doesn't know why because she doesn't think she is pretty.
She is dedicated, and honest, and loyal. She will never let you down.
"Awh, why can't I be like Ilsa!?"
"I know she is so flawless."
by partyrockersss May 01, 2015
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A crazy random beautiful creature that enjoys being indulgent. Very unpredictable, do not look directly into the eyes of one if you see it. If in danger, release a blow fly and she will run like hell.
Did you see that Ilsa? Damn she was gorgeous!
by Jimmy October 06, 2004
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Ilsa is the best.She is so sweet and funny.i have a friend named Ilsa and she means the world to me.she is beautiful and gorgeous.
Omg look at her.😍she must be a Ilsa
by Ilsa.begie November 01, 2018
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A girl who acts super nice infront of people but is fake. She is very stubborn and wants things to be only her way. She will try to ruin the life of anyone that she is jealous of. She usually won't show how she really feels to the public and loves to lie.
Uh oh there's the evil rat! Who? Ilsa.
by STUary PanID July 11, 2018
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A mean gorl who abuses and is aggressive toward everyone but her friends sometimes, she is a jerk and only half of the people hate her for some reason
Ilsa is abusive
via giphy
by Frotnite December 05, 2018
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