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"first man" in Turkish. Although it also describes anyone who is so friendly and likeable that he is first person you think of when compiling the guest list to your party.
I'm want something fun to do tonite but have no plans... I know, I'll just call Ilker!
by Legomego February 04, 2010
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\eel-KHAIR\, verb, 1. To put something off until the last possible minute. 2. To be chronically yet casually late. 3. To missplace small personal objects.

Etymology: Ilker derives from the 16th century compound verb form "to ill care" which last saw common usage in the 19th century; but now survives as a linguistic fossil in the form of a slang term in some small areas of New England and Appalachia.

ref. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, Howard Pyle (1883):

"Truly," quoth Robin, holding up his arms and looking down at himself, "I do think it be somewhat of a gay, gaudy, grasshopper dress; but it is a pretty thing for all that, and doth not ill befit the turn of my looks, albeit I wear it but for the nonce. But stay, Little John, here are two bags that I would have thee carry in thy pouch for the sake of safekeeping. I can ILL CARE for them myself beneath this motley."
1. Don't ilker that assignment, its going to take longer than you think. 2. She just, like, ilkered in to class half an hour in and accidentally took the lecturer's notes. 3. Oh dude, I totally ilkered my phone last night, I hope someone picked it up.
by BrainiaQ February 27, 2007
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An ogre with a huge blonde jew fro, and A large quantity of P. Miler shirts. Can be blamed for anything that goes wrong in this world.

if walking down the street, stay CLEAR OF THIS MAN.
" OH NO! the stock market just crashed!"
"Just blaim Ilker!"
by bitch nigga please April 18, 2004
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