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A girl who always smiles. Who can be very scary if you make her mad! A girl who hides the pain in her life for the sake of the ones she loves. The type of girl who confides in all thr wrong people. The type of girl who tells because she can't help it. The type of girl who will say she doesn't agree with someone, but do everything she can to help them. The type of person who holds an unimaginable amout of love in her heart. Super creative, intuitive (almost to a creepy point), emphatic, very smart, even though she often comes off as ditzy, she is super imaginative, and who is spazzy. She is almost mysterious, because just when you think you have her pinned down she throws you a curve ball.
I love Nisa's, because they make life better just by existing.
by NapCat November 11, 2014
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adj. a word used to describe a person that is extremely cuddly and have deep and meaningful conversations with.

noun. a person who is beautiful on the inside and out but doesn't know it and is doubtful of herself even though she is extremely amazing.
adj. i have a nisa bestfriend

noun. after spending time with her, i think she is a nisa
by nikalovesyou November 04, 2010
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a beautiful girl. a girl who loves everyone and everything and has one of the biggest hearts. you’d want to be friends with a nisa because she’ll always have your back no matter what, she’ll put her problems before hers in a heart beat. she’s extremely pretty, quirky, and unique. one of a kind.. if you meet a nisa, be sure to become her friend and if you’re already her friend.. KEEP HER !
nisa.. she’s one of the nicest girls i know..
by sayitagainn July 13, 2019
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