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A girl or women who becomes instantly everything you've ever desired or hoped to find. She's got it all! She's Talented, optimistic, Gorgeous, Thoughtful, full of laughter, a smile that makes you fall for her every time, and a Women Way Beyond her Years! She's got a huge beating heart that only gives and never takes! She IS THE ONE! Any guy would be proud to take home to Mom! She will never lie, cheat, or steal. She's spontaneous, charismatic, and an exceptional Student in her school! She is one of the prettiest girls in her school, in her state, and in her country. If you make her cry, chances are it is your fault. If you ever come across an Aleyna, Buy her flowers everyday, dance with her, and never ever stop loving her because the Truth is...You'll never ever come even close to having a stronger, purer, happier relationship than with the one and only Aleyna! After All...Aleyna Does mean "Love"
John and Aleyna relationship is stronger, more powerful, and secure than Nicholas Spark's "The Notebook."
by APlusTEqualsLove November 12, 2017
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Aleyna is a very smart pretty and intelligent girl she usually has all the boys chasing after her. Aleyna's name means love in African American. Aleyna is also a person with health and beauty, any guy would be lucky to go out with an Aleyna
Woah look at her she's gorgeous, I think her name is Aleyna
by Hartar January 13, 2015
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A girl who is pretty, funny, smart and cute. She is very sweet and is a keeper. Her names means love and she'll always look great. She is perfect in every way.
Example 1.
Dave - OMG, are you daiting Aleyna?
Bill - I know right. I'm so lucky

Example 2.
"Look at that girl. She MUST be an Aleyna."
by agat January 17, 2015
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An African American word meaning love.
It is great to have an Aleyna in your life sometime or another.
by Anon. August 22, 2003
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Big booty

Attractive girl
All boys chase her
Aleyna is a beautiful girl
by You stink bug March 30, 2019
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i pre lit girl but a bit of a thot at the same time.
yo that girl aleyna she is a bit of a skank
by bird03 August 01, 2018
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