The nastiest sex position known to man. Originating in Sweden, it requires at least 3 men and all must be extremely flexible. In fact, it takes people several days to recover from it.
We started off with Kaitlyn pulling the train, but then Justin came, so we decided to do the Ikea.
by AL2009 July 28, 2009
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Yes, IKEA is a "large Swedish-based furniture store that sells modern-styled furniture."

The stuff looks really good, but it's actually really poor quality. Most IKEA furniture is overpriced and it falls apart in a couple of months.
IKEA's furniture looks good but the quality sucks ass.
by *zodiac December 26, 2006
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10 Years ago Sunday was for Chapel Now Sunday is IKEA Day.............
by CrazyJedi April 03, 2005
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the place where Swedish children go when they fail at school and there parents disassemble them into the package
child: dad what are you doing

dad: you failed so your going back to where you came from

child: were is that?

dad: IKEA
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by That Swedish Meatball March 05, 2017
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A Swedish furniture store with literally the best, most modern furniture ever. Super cute curtains and bed sheets if you ever need them. FREAKING AMAZING FOOD...try the chicken strips and swedish meatballs they are delish
A: Hey, you wanna get a new couch?
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by Spellerkid21 September 20, 2017
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Somebody who seems to find some use for every useless thing sold at Ikea, a furniture store.
"Tom! Don't You think the FLARSEKAD would look great in my office? I really need a chrome paperweight."
"Dammit Honey. You're such an Ikea."
by AlexFinkz November 28, 2008
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