A bar drink - the bartender pours you a snifter of cognac, then slaps you in the face hard.
Yes, barkeep? I would like to buy those two douchebags at the end of the bar a round of Ike turners.
by Dirtydeeznutz September 6, 2013
Ike Turner, phased in the youngbloodz song is a wife beater.
which is a t-shirt made famous by white trash
Posted up on the corner with some dickies and an ike turner, that a wife beater if you n****a don't understand my slang
by Joel R. January 16, 2006
Having sex in the doggystyle position, before the man is about to blow his wad he pulls out and spits on the females back while ejaculating into his own hand, and when she turns around to attempt a kiss, he SMACKS the freshly prepared baby batter on her face, and calls her a bitch.
My girl was crying becuz we were doin it in the shower and i gave her an Ike Turner.
by Nickoli Volcov March 12, 2007
When one beat his wife with his penis. It's in honour of the man himself, ex huband of Tina Turner, a Famous singer. Turner was later convicted and served time in a California State Prison for drug-related charges, while Tina went on to have a successful solo career beginning in the early 1980s.
She's black and blue after I Ike Turnered her last night
by Buckley August 21, 2006
Another name for some good weed because itll hit you in the head real quick...
Nigga we was in the telly blowed off of some Ike Turner.

Man 1: Nigga where you get this weed from.

Man 2: Nigga thats that straight Ike Turner aint it...
by S Dot. March 3, 2008
Mixing together Coca Cola and Newcastle (Beer) to create a pseudo energy drink known as the Ike Turner. Order a Coke and Newcastle, drink half of each, and mix...in a glass or in the bottle: if you pour it in a bottle, expect it to foam at the mouth.
"I wouldn't mind hitting a few Ike Turners after work."
by TristantheChessmaster December 9, 2006
adj. To Go Ike Turner 1. To have become suddenly irrational, or sporadically violent.
2. To become particularly physically or emotionally abusive to a woman. dir. Ike Turner was a popular R&B artist of the 50's, 60's, and 70's known for his turbulent relationship with his wife Tina.
1. Tim and Stephanie got into an argument and he went all "Ike Turner" on her. 2. Marcus said he would go all "Ike Turner" on Laquiesha if she kept dissin' him.
by soulsurvivor_2001 October 22, 2009