A woman who gives an opinion contradictory to that of a man.
What's that Jane? You want to vote? You ignorant slut.
by JohnKimbell July 31, 2008
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An unintelligible man or woman, often Greek, that sell their bodies for sex.
"Yo, look at the Ignorant Slut, can't believe he does that!"
by Vex Mako May 3, 2018
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A person who doesn't have sufficient knowledge to realize that not going to classes, and failing is not the teachers fault,
by Yddrid November 3, 2020
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a name to call your close friend
you deserve the whole world, you ignorant slut
by ignorantslut August 14, 2018
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Someone who wantonly and shamelessly spreads ignorance.
That preacher is an ignorance slut. At a memorial service for a child, he preached that those who do not surrender their entire lives to Jesus will spend an eternity in hell.

The school board is stacked with a bunch of ignorance sluts who want creationism taught in public schools.

The coaches in that football league are ignorance sluts that crack homohostile jokes during practice and at games.
by playfulplayful February 3, 2012
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