Someone who is incredibly stupid and has no life.
people who are ignoramus include Directioners, Potter Heads, Gleeks, Sheeranators and anyone who crys in Titanic.

"Look! Its a pigeon!"
"OMG its Kevin!"
by Hayley987 April 30, 2012
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Someone who is ignorant. Often used to describe a bigot.
People who think the plural of ignoramus is ignorami are ignorant the the fact it is actually ignoramuses.
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004
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#1 Someone who refuses to answer something important that you NEED to know.

#2 Someone who is an asshole/fucktard/prick/dick etc.
Answer Me You Ignoramus!
by DOMINIC IS GAY!!!!!! January 02, 2007
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A total idiot. For instance, looking up "stupid" in the dictionary cuz you don't know what it means.
by Intelligence001 June 20, 2016
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someone who is very ignorant and annoying. Also they are stupid bum
via giphy
by HugeBoi May 16, 2019
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