figurative form of speech.
It means If you understand what a person is implying or follow where they're getting at in a conversation.

Usually substituted for the following phrases:
"If you know what I'm saying." or "If you see what I mean."
Person 1: "I bet Maria is an animal in the sack--if you catch my drift."
Person 2: She sure is
by thedefinitivedefinition October 4, 2014
If you understand what i mean/ direction of my thoughts (if you follow my train of thought)
You behave like a little naughty girl if you catch my drift!
by Nick_A November 21, 2013
If you understand what I mean, often in reference to the rude version of a double entendre or innuendo.
"She put his sausage in her mouth, if you catch my drift"
by Hugo-h12 January 31, 2016
do you understand the words that are comming out of my mouth?
So her momma steps in and things got out of control... do you catch my drift?
by Teller May 6, 2006
The earliest quotation in the Oxford English Dictionary for this sense of "drift" is dated 1526: "Harde it is . . . to perceyue the processe and dryfte of this treatyse."
Found on "Phrases dot org"

The speaker may be having trouble communicating with their audience and not knowing how to better explain.

This is similar to "do you feel me?" or "do you get it?".

Otherwise there is a certain mentality and a certain consciousness along with what the speaker & the audience are generally known to understand.
Bugsy says to his cohorts in crime "I took care of it. Do you catch my drift?".
by Hare Krsna Gardening December 26, 2022
The worst phrase to have ever fucking existed.
If you say this you probably cheated on your girlfriend with your sister and smell like doritos.
"You catch my drift?"
"Fuck you Jerry, you soggy cunt. Go suck your mom's dick. "
by mrplanetpluto April 19, 2021