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(noun) Someone who is unusually old for his age . People with the name Idriss are generally known for their geographical knowledge and citing random and questionable "fun facts". Idrisses are also known for their particular hobbies such as socks ironing, playing volley ball in parking lots and finding useless formatting errors in Microsoft office docs.

When being approached by an Idriss in the wild: make sure to mention human babies, bunnies, cats or inflate gymnasium balls, in order to deflect the attack.

"Oh Yeah, he's definitely an Idriss"

(Phrasal Verb) "pulling an Idriss" : Going to the washroom at the very last minute when everybody is ready to go.

X: "Are we going for lunch?"
Y: "No, we are waiting for Ramiro, he just pulled an Idriss"
"Oh Yeah, he's definitely an Idriss"
by Ma_asmouka March 04, 2015
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The realest nigga you will ever find, if a Idriss is part of your squad, you better appreciate and respect that man. He 100% plays volleyball and soccer, and has the biggest shlong you will ever find. Possibly from Spain, Portugal, or Morocco, he will shove his dick so far up your vagina that you will orgasm like no other day, he will make you think of the THICCEST DIRTIES BEST HENTAI DICK EVER . WHAT I'M SAYING IS YOU BETTER NOT FUCK WITH THIS MAN BEFORE HE SPIKES YOU LIKE A VOLLEYBALL YOU DICK ASS NIGGA.
"He just said he will respect women for nudes, he is an Idriss"
by Pop em in the ass May 26, 2018
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