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The word Idot means when someone is such an idiot you can't be bothered to put the I. Came from youtuber Skeppy.
wow your such an idot.
by Duck0321 November 09, 2018
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A joke used mostly by a famous Minecraft YouTuber named Skeppy and uses the word "idot" as a funny phrase to make fun of him self and others.
by EeGeOnline August 02, 2018
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A person that comes onto a message board or enters a chat room with the sole intention of insulting its members. This person then goes on to demonstrate their stupidity by spelling idiot as idot and moron as moran. Wyandotte Wusscat is one such idot and moran.
I can't believe the guy that was in here the other day, he was an idot AND a moran.
by Ozark July 15, 2004
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When you miss that second I in "Idiot".

Typo of the century.
Person 2: Idot?

Person 1: IDIOT*
Person 2: No, I like Idot better.
by P.A.E.S. January 29, 2017
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International day of the sock. February 1st of every year.
The most outrageous, funky socks must be worn and preferably with photographic evidence given.
Mike: Dude, I'm totally ready for IDOTS!
Jim: You washed out your w@nking sock then?
by jam_spoons January 23, 2011
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What you would call someone who is fond of Apple to the point of obsession.
Person A:Hey, did you hear about -insert name here-? They buy every new product Apple comes out with!

Person B: Man, they're such an iDot.
by TheL0rd0fSins September 03, 2010
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The term people use when they can't be fucked to insult another. (lazy insult)
Fat guy: Hey Ben
Ben: Yeah?
Fat guy: Your an idot.
Ben: Your a lazy fat shit eating faggot.
by Mt WAlkeer September 05, 2008
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