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When you mistype idiot and instead get a hilariously stupid word.
Random Player: "Ur so bad kid just stop playing"
You: "Shut up idot"
The tables have turned.
by Boombox5328 November 26, 2018
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The word Idot means when someone is such an idiot you can't be bothered to put the I. Came from youtuber Skeppy.
wow your such an idot.
by Duck0321 November 09, 2018
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A joke used mostly by a famous Minecraft YouTuber named Skeppy and uses the word "idot" as a funny phrase to make fun of him self and others.
by EeGeOnline August 02, 2018
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A person that comes onto a message board or enters a chat room with the sole intention of insulting its members. This person then goes on to demonstrate their stupidity by spelling idiot as idot and moron as moran. Wyandotte Wusscat is one such idot and moran.
I can't believe the guy that was in here the other day, he was an idot AND a moran.
by Ozark July 15, 2004
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A nicer way of saying idiot in school.
Bob: Your a idot John
Jim: No you
by Bi_foxx August 20, 2019
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Someone who asks you the question; “What Are You if Your IQ is Under 25?” while playing Trivial Pursuit and, when you give the correct answer of “Idiot”, he jumps to his feet and Ironically exclaims “Nope-you are WRONG!! The answer is ‘idot’, I WIN!”
Richard realized that he would forever be known as the idiot who could not even read the word idiot, and the inspiration for the new sub-idiot category of low intelligence: the i dot.
by TnTkaBOOM September 02, 2019
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an idot a variation of the word idiot, which means a stupid person, yet it can be taken as a compliment when used in certain ways such as comparing u to certain people that begin with a T.
1: "I can show you the idot" - Aladdin

2: "oh wow, what a ping-spoofing idot" -Yashua
by eleeziyay August 20, 2019
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