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a white bear that lives in the ice caps or in captivity. commonly referred to as "polar bear"
The seal was caught and eaten by its most feared natural predator, the ice bear.
by MukBackwards November 13, 2011
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1: a white bear that lives on the southpole.
2: a fat lady that looks like a bear and even tho will not give head. Even if you are nice to her.
1: That icebear wacked the shit out of a dolpin who was squirting in his face. Icebears dont like that.
2: That icebear rather sucked on a magnum than on my diack, even when i didnt have a nacho dick.
by kukel June 11, 2003
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a strange word that German exchange girl uses. it may mean polar bear.
"it is so much nicer when it is warm outside and one does not have to dress like an ice bear"
by Anna Kathrina February 12, 2009
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Icebears used to live on the southpole, but they moved to the northpole by digging a fokking deep hole in the ice to the other pole. Unfortunately someone took a dump in the hole so now its closed.
icebears didnt like the gaydolphins who kept on squirting in their faces. So they moved. The gaydolphins however moved also, thats why they live on both poles and the icebear not.
by kukel June 13, 2003
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nickname for online gaming which may only be used by someone who ownz, minimal accuracy: 90% to be an icebear.
icebear likes shooting you up with a rocket en rail you out of midair.
by nizzle June 15, 2003
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Iced out, an individual who is wearing a vast amount of jewelry (Mostly White Gold Or Diamonds)
Damn, here comes the ice bear showing off his jewels.
via giphy
by Lil Choozi Berg March 10, 2018
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