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A person who has not had sex in 6 months after already having lost their viginity. Eventually their room turns into an ice cave and all game gets frozen over. Gingerly folk are more likely to experience this phenomenom.
That guy's room is so cold right now he must be in an ice age.
by Romeo the Wolf September 20, 2010
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The period we are in now. (00's) Most rappers wear jewelries today, called ''ice''. In the 90's gold was the most popular thing to wear, now its more white gold, silver and diamonds. People such as Mike Jones, Baby and Paul Wall, has ''grills'' in their mouths. Gold, diamonds, silver, and such is covered over the teeths.
- Itz them boyz wearin dat ice like its da mo'afokkin ice age.
- Yezeard.
by Gold Is Good December 08, 2005
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"Alot of people said I couldn't do this, I could do that,

So I came back wit a platinum plat, now Ice Age is on the
by Luis Beltran April 01, 2007
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The act of the growing population of peoples from African-American descent absorbing all the sun with their black skin causing drastic change in climate.

When there are too many African-American people on the earth, the sun simply cannot heat the earth and so it goes into a correctional phase, in which the earth freezes over for a certain amount of time. Once all of the African-Americans have been wiped out, the world begins to heat up again.
Damn guys, better prepare for the next Ice Age. Heard they were hitting a population of 60 million in Ethiopia soon. Earth is one tough son of a bitch.
by Kotex January 20, 2009
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a long period of ice
or a movie
or what happens to my friends when its cold
you seen that new ice age called resident evil 3: farting mayhem?

when was the last ice age?

brr. my dick is having an ice age

whats an ice age? dunno, look it up on urban dictionary
by Noodles April 28, 2005
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