"Internet best friend" someone you know only because of the internet you become really close and share everything hoping one day you'll meet
" I met my ibf , I love her so much !!"
by Secretnuglifer December 27, 2016
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An IBF is also called an Internet Best Friend. They are like your best friend who just are just there for you because they love who you are inside, not what you look like. Show appreciation towards them not dislike or scorn. Just be you and they’ll be themsevleves, don’t pretend to be some one who you really aren’t. They talk to you because who you are inside, the TRUE you.
Me: “Omg, I just got a IBF.”

Friend: “What.”

Me: “Oh, just someone who I can talk to who won’t judge me.”

Me: *smiles sweetly*
by mochhi October 28, 2018
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Ibf or internet best friends are people that found eachother on the internet. Mine is my soulmate I love her so much.... 1100+ miles and wating. Out of all the people in the world I’m lucky to find her! 8 wouldn’t even be here with out her we found eachother when we were both in horrible situations and we helped eachother get through them. (This is not a definition anymore) I just wanted to say if you have an ibfs keep them close they’re a charm! ily ibf ❣️
My ibf and I are meeting for the first time soon ❤️
by Bbg:) August 06, 2018
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an ibf is an internet friend. someone you haven't met in real life. ibf's skype each other, facetime, text. internet friends can live thousands of miles away. most people meet them but alot dont. when you meet your ibf you run towards each other like no one is watching. your bodies colliding into a hug while you guys are in tears.
person one; "why are those girls running towards each other like that?"
person two;" they're ibfs"
by a girl who loves her ibfs October 20, 2017
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The meaning for “IBFS” comes from the acronym of “ibf” which stands for “internet best friend”- whilst “IBFS” is making it plural, more than one internet bestfriend- “Internet best friends”.
Ex.#1. Me and (so and so) are IBFS
Ex.#2. Us three are IBFS.
by Aliyah Mesquita:) March 14, 2018
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Guy 1: how did she get offended by that? tell your girlfriend to take a chill pill.

Guy 2: ya i know. she overreacts all the time. she's being a total ibf.
by ienjoycows December 09, 2010
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Initial Bullshit Factor -IBF also known as IBSF.

The Initial Bullshit Factor or IBF is the thing you have to take into consideration whenever someone irreliable, or someone with a history of lying tells you something.
Guy 1- So Joey was telling me about how he had a massive orgy with the ENTIRE cheerleading squad. And immediately I took into consideration his IBF. And so I just told him SFW dude. Your an AWFUL liar. Later I found out he was telling the truth, but how was I suppose to know he lies about EVERYTHING!!
by Freddy P. June 11, 2008
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