a person you trust with your life. a person you love so much but you've never even met before. a person your so close with, closer to then anyone else. they know more about you then you know about yourself. your best friend in the whole entire world but you've never even met before.
by ibeliveinyou July 25, 2019
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An internet best friend is some one you can trust in life even though you havent sern them in person.To some people it's all they have you could be talking to them all day every day. Then you met them its even better but then once they leave its back to talking to them every day on a device, but then agian on the other hand you might not ever get to see them because of a family member saying its fake but follow your dreams and go see your bestfriend :)
Im Going To See My Internet Best Friend Today!!! I Cant Wait!!!!!!😭❤
by ♡Ayeeeeeeee♡ December 17, 2017
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Ibsf mean internet best friends, since it’s called that it’s because when you have a best friend and they move to another city or another country and u still call them in a web site call skype which means you can FaceTime them or call them
Wanna FaceTime since we are internet best friends and we can facetime
by Ibsf March 27, 2018
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Best Internet Friend (BIF); BIF is someone more like a Bestfriend or a close friend but on the internet.

This friendship is likely more loyal, genuine and trustworthy because of the distances both individuals have from one another and the only medium to interact they have is the Internet.
He/she is my best internet friend.
You are one of my best internet friend.
by urbannm December 16, 2017
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