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An IBF is also called an Internet Best Friend. They are like your best friend who just are just there for you because they love who you are inside, not what you look like. Show appreciation towards them not dislike or scorn. Just be you and they’ll be themsevleves, don’t pretend to be some one who you really aren’t. They talk to you because who you are inside, the TRUE you.
Me: “Omg, I just got a IBF.”

Friend: “What.”

Me: “Oh, just someone who I can talk to who won’t judge me.”

Me: *smiles sweetly*
by mochhi October 28, 2018

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Love is different for everyone. Whether it be a family member, significant other, or animal, YOU choose to express it. Love is something that can’t be taken from you, it’s a feeling which you can choose to keep or let go. Sometimes people can confuse it and not sure if what they’re feeling is right. If you love someone then you love them, no one but yourself can tell you how you truly feel.
I love them; I truly do.
by mochhi January 12, 2021

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