Written use: While reading reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck, she wrote a comment that the massive robot was indeed IAF.
by emergent_reasons November 26, 2015
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means "i alla fall" in swedish, in english: "anyway", "at least"
min mopo suger men den går iaf

my moped sucks but at least it works
by semmasak July 2, 2006
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A: yo that asian girl is IAF !
B: what does that mean?

B: ... she aight
A: do you have a penis?
by sam wong February 12, 2015
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A popular initialisation stemming from North Kerry in Ireland. It stands for, "In all fairness"
"IAF though, Causeway should have won the championship"
by aishole May 28, 2013
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I've got a 10 page essay due in an hour. iaf
by Sexy chinky November 14, 2010
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Indie as fuck. Used primarily when something describes the activity of a hipster or is otherwise fits into the life of a stereotypical, trendy twenty-something who would fit in in Portland, the East Village, or Brooklyn. Sometimes describes quirky or untraditional behavior.

Can also be used to describe art or images (primarily photographs) that have a hipster aesthetic.

Usually used as self-depreciating humor, or ironically.
Person #1: My local non-corporate coffee shop just started using fair-trade single-origin beans roasted by that new independent roaster in the Bowery!
Person #2: IAF.

Person #1 shows a grainy black and white, out of focus, overexposed photo of one of their friends at a party.
Person #2: That's IAF.
by OverlordXenu January 28, 2011
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friend: "don't be silly ily!"
by x.Frankee.x July 4, 2009
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