Slang for "I am," when the speaker is intending to be funny by making fun of themselves with intentionally bad grammar. See also i r. May also be used as "url" when referring to someone else, meaning, "you are."

Originating from chat rooms and flash videos, people who watch them inevitably end up using them in thier RL conversations.

When pronouncing, "eye-are-el." As if the "el" were adding a bit of spanglish in the mix.
"lol, irl noob! ima get shot in teh face!"
"irl ninja"
"url stupid"
by Rory Strawn May 28, 2007
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Irl = "In real life" (used in imvu)
Do you want to have kids irl.
Do you want to have a kids in real life.
by Gypsyshapeshifter December 07, 2018
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An acronym for 'In Real Life' that is popular on Reddit and other social media websites.
A noun typically precedes it in a phrase (e.g., me IRL) used to caption an image or video intended to represent the mental or physical state of the poster. The phrase is also often copied and used humorously thus creating a meme.
Manager: hey, can you pick up an extra shift tomorrow?

me IRL:
via giphy
by dastefster December 03, 2018
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IRL is an acronym for "In Real Life"
Mostly used in COD, Battlefield, or any Types of FPS Game which is popular These days. Sometimes used in Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social Media.
Hey fight me motha fuccer irl!
Ur a fag irl
by Klarner June 20, 2017
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Irl stands for In real life and is commonly used in texts and memes
Irl I own a snake as a pet
by EnglishMamba August 30, 2018
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