6 definitions by Ali Butz

adj. a state of sudden yet subtle arousal
"Carla, don't wear your thong with those jeans..it gets me all hot and bothered"

"I was so hot and bothered by his manly looks, I couldn't stand up"

by Ali Butz April 30, 2008
IMHO, Jasmine is probably a lezbo. Like I said, only my opinion.
by Ali Butz May 29, 2008
1) a state of being that resembles chemical impairment in which life is good because it sucks and pain does not exist.....till the next morning

2) feeling you get after consuming a glorious amount of vodka without a hangover or vomiting

3) drunk
" After her b/f broke up with her, she sang and danced like a whore...clearly in total Vodka Afterglow."

"The guy that just tripped over your car was in total vodka afterglow."
by Ali Butz May 3, 2008
1) n. a person, object, or thought that gets you hot and bothered

2) n. fetish
"To me, panties are my biggest bothermant"

"True, Nick McCarthy is hot, but Alex Kapranos is more of a botherment"
by Ali Butz April 30, 2008
When your brain hurts from thinking too hard.
{Sirog Fredriksson 11:23}: so if i try to build a new prim along with the old one then link the object to the old prim that has just been unlinked what exactly will happen if i place a script in ROT: 1, 04, 2 and ANG 90, 3, 2 and then use a Sculptie texture on it?

{Kitty Hirsch 11:46}: omg....i've got a brainmatisim now, ty.
{Kitty Hirsch 11:46} and to answer your question nothing b/c the scripts won't compile, and you can't place a scultpie texture on multi-prim objects
{Sirog Fredriksson 11:52}: ty....
{Kitty Hirsch 11:53}: my brain hurts....
by Ali Butz May 28, 2008
adj. the sound a person makes during coughing
"Hearing the loud jicama from the other room, I knew Billy needed his inhaler."
by Ali Butz April 30, 2008