Insane Laughing Disorder.
When one starts laughing and cannot stop.
Person 1: A lady had 3 daughters. The first daughter asks her mother why she was called Rose. The mother says "Why, darling, when you were born, a rose fell on your head. The second daughter asks why she is called Daisy. The mother replies "Because a daisy fell on your head when you were born". The third daughter approaches the mother and says "UUHHHHHHHH!!", the mother replies "Oh shut up Fridge!"


Person 1: Dude, what is up with you? You have ILD.
by My hand hurts. November 21, 2007
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Jim : Please made an ILD call to Mary, she is waiting for you!
Jack : Why? I'd better wait for her call as it's too costly for me to call her.
by M. Wong June 26, 2006
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Stands for Important Life Decision(s). Antonym of the main definition of BLD. Used in a sentence when something major in one's life is occurring.
Example A:

Jesse: I don't know whether I should move over to Buzz's house or Aunt Jackie's. I'm torn.

Example B:

QiYafondi: I'm making an ILD right now.
LaFonda: What do you mean? What type of ILD are you making?
by wowitsbryce_ April 21, 2016
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