IBA is an acronym standing for Intellectual Badass. A euphemistic alternative to "nerd." However, an IBA has the ability to be reasonably smart and extremely cool at the same time.
A: "I love science... I'm such a nerd."

B: "You are NOT a nerd. You're an intellectual badass... get it right."

A: "Oh give it a rest IBA."
by The_SS_IBA set sail January 19, 2011
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IBA stand for I'd Buck Anything meaning that you would have sexual intercourse with anything be it man women plant or animal
Are you an IBA??
Of course I fucked that fat ugly bird over there last night!!YEOO!!!
by McKeatDawg April 22, 2008
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The best fucking alliance in Rise of Kingdoms. They love making Rawats life hell. Would recommend joining them.
Make sure to message their r5 for the best chance of joining
IBA can easily fuck up A40!
by BigCockMac July 25, 2019
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Stands for: Infected By Association

When a guy or girl is so sketchy, sleazy or nasty that you feel infected or disgusted by just being around them.

Can apply to someone who is not actually sleazy but appears to be.
Did you see her? Major IBA!

She sat beside me in math class. IBA to the max!

I felt IBA around him, he's so dirty
by Pooface 91 February 10, 2011
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An Iba is a very kindhearted yet strict person. You will find yourself quickly befriending him. If you ever meet an Iba, never let go or you will regret it.
Person 1: I saw an Iba yesterday!

Person 2:Luckyyyy!! Did you talk to him?

Person 1:No, and I heavily regret it.
by Coolfencer June 29, 2022
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Iba is a really nice friend, he is really funny and always knows what to say.
Wow I’m so glad that Iba is here with me he’s so great and supportive
by Mr.Napkin December 27, 2021
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Internet Bad Ass Syndrome. A severe syndrome plaguing all video games where nerdy users can act tough towards other people, when in fact could get choked out by a 5-year old.
Nerd: You guys got pwned, I bet I can kick your ass in real life
Guy: This nerd has a serious case of IBAS
Guy 1: yes he does, its a very serious epidemic
Nerd: fuck you guys, give me your address
by B Rad Gesus December 18, 2009
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