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I Agree With. Used to show agreement with a statement.
<Meh> I'd hit it.
<Bleh> IAW Meh.
by Supersonic^ March 19, 2005
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In Another Window.Used on internet conversations to refer to someone or something happening IAW.
<A> Can't talk to you now, my bf is IAW and we're having a fight
<B> Ok, good luck then
by CTN July 16, 2005
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'BRB mom'
"What is BRB"
'Be Right Back'
"I am waiting"
'Thats not an abbreviation mom'
by meneerkrabs January 07, 2017
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'In Accordance With' - military origin. Essentially meaning that something was done based on a request or a directive from a superior in the chain on command
"This case was transferred to you IAW the supervisor's instruction"
by CitizenBob January 07, 2010
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