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1. The ultimate forum hijacking post.

2. An attempt by someone intelligent to end a thread that should have died long before said "I like cheese" post. when used this way often devolves into a silly fun "non-discussion/debate".

3. An attempt by a forum troll to deter intelligent conversation/debate in a thread. when used this way it often devolves into a flame-fest.

by CeridianRay October 22, 2003
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This is a throwback to an old Looney Tunes cartoon.
There was a cartoon where a group of cats were scared of fighting a mouse. One of the cats says, "Are we men or are we mice?"
A smaller cat tugs on his leg and looks at him coyly and says (in a very high pitched voice) "I like cheese!"
by usradiotech October 31, 2006
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A phrase said when feeling especially hungry, or if the sayer is extremely random.
Hahaahaa, I like Cheeese!
by Aaron W. December 03, 2002
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noun: (1) a really lame comic strip. (2) a nonsequitor thrown out to break the silence in a conversation or to change the topic. (3) a web forum highjacking throw-away line.
girl #1: Did you hear that guy is hung like a horse?
girl #2: Yeah. I sure would like a piece of that.
guy: I like cheese.
by Iloveilikecheese August 12, 2009
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used in the 70s refered to when saying that something is excellent!!! or sexellent! another cathch phrase!
human: so i just won the jackpot
other human: i like cheese!
by ghetto fabulouse human January 05, 2008
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A term that weird older brothers constantly use, whether they like cheese or not.
by ihavenothingbettertodo August 12, 2005
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a statement saying that you are not a vegan and enjoy consuming cheese
I like cheese. Cheese is good. I eat a lot of cheese. I am not a vegan. I freakin' LOVE cheese.
by proffesional nargle stunwitch November 14, 2011
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