A warning given near the end of coitus, usually directed toward a female from a male
Guy having sex with girl: "I'm gonna cum!"
Girl: *Covers face or whatever else she doesn't want the splooge to get on*
by Mitch Tyler September 3, 2009
"I'm gonna cum!" is what a lot of guys shout just before they reach the point of no return and blow their load.
Matt always shouts "I'm gonna cum!" just before he fills my mouth with my cocksucker's reward!
by USAF Cadet December 23, 2020
A common phrase used during the act of sex or masturbation, usually exclusively used by men. It signifies appraoching orgasm and/or ejaculation. The ending "cum" is a play on the word come, and in turn derived from the common term cum.
by thedoctor44 June 1, 2007
cum is the white poo soo uhhh
I'm gonna cum!
by Sophia_Cutie19 September 27, 2022
A dirty way of saying surprise butt-sex.
1.Waffles: Hey Dwarfo, I'm gonna cum to your house and knock knock on the back door. If you don't answer, I'm gonna bang bang!

Dwarfo: Yeep! I hope it isn't too surprise!

2. What rapists say to little kids when they are gonna butt-rape them.
by Dr. Dirty August 15, 2008