When someone says 'I'm baby' they are referring that they are innocent, cute, gentle, adorable, loving, and lovable.

Generally said to a loved one or a friend and can be used in arguments to prove your innocence or that you don't deserve to have someone angry at you.
Steve: I can't believe you skipped our study session
Jessica: You can't be mad at me, because I'm baby.
by Catfishedy June 1, 2019
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When you're the youngest one in your current situation OR you're the softest/kindest.
"Don't bully me, I'm baby."
by Turtle Laurens May 5, 2019
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Ngl baby just means ur soft.
Girl: I'm baby UwU
Boy: wTf Is ThAt EvEn SuPpOsEd To MeAn!?
by PeculiarPisces November 8, 2019
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A phrase used by grown adults who want to advertise their lack of basic skills as something to be adored and fawned over.
Charlie: I'm baby
Alex: You're not baby, Charlie. You're 30 years old and you don't have a fucking job.
by allahtheunforgiving April 21, 2020
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A term often found as text on facebook profile pics commonly used by attention seeking parental disappointments A.K.A e-girls and homosexual males
E-thot: I'm baby
Me: get the f*ck outta my face b*tch go overdose on cocaine or some shit
by Danethemane April 21, 2020
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usually meaning ur the submissive one in a relationship. u prefer to be called baby and other pet names by ur s/o
"i'm baby"
by clofrr June 17, 2019
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