An informal way to refuse a kindly offer of a minor thing.
"Would you like matches?"
"Na I'm straight, I got a lighter."
by Steven Leonardo Clifford February 24, 2008
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Tom: Look at that breezy over there she's eyeballing the shit outta you.
Hank: Who? That fugly bitch?! I'm straight.
by bboy shyne June 02, 2011
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Being straight is a slang way of saying heterosexual.
'Hey you totally fancy me man!!!"

"UH!! No way dude like I told you I'm straight... when will you learn..."

"you'll bend one day... Then you'll come running to me"

"Oh I'm sure I will, sick ass UHhhh"
by Sexykatty:P June 28, 2009
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used to say no or no thanks. often said as "i'm good" or "i'm skrate"
Corey, you want a beer?
nah i'm straight
you sure?
yea i'm good

how many shots is that now?
you feeling okay?
yea i'm straight
by Chelle from L-Town March 30, 2006
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I'm alright. In other words, I'm GOOD OR NO.
Aye Von you wnt this pizza? I'm straight. (I'm good)
"Can I get a cup of ice water?" "We got cups no water." "I'm straight." (I'm good). You can say that's straight or it's straight 2. Meaning yes
by REMEMBERTHIS4EVA October 14, 2020
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If a guy asks a girl out, an she dun wanna go out with him, she says 'I'm straight on that, shoot' and is basically turning him down.
Brian: 'Sup Daeja, wanna go out sometime?'

Daeja: 'Ugh, I'm straight on that, shoot!'
by Brittany April 20, 2004
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