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straight or without curves.
can mean; Ok or good also.
"I got the job? Thats skrate!"
"Dang, this line aint skrate"
"You want some smoke?"
"Nah, Im skrate"
by ShOvel July 24, 2003
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The word "Skrate" is a variant word of "Straight" which means (to describe) a person who does not participate in "dangerous" activity such as drugs, alchohol, sex or criminal activity. A good girl/guy.

The Word is popular with the Stoner community as well
Situation #1

Cokehead friend #1 (Lindsay Lohan): Hey you want to snort this coke up with me ;)

Stoner Skater: Naa thx though but im skrate. Not a lot but I do smoke weed everyday though;D

Situation #2
Cokehead Friend #1: Hey dude do you think my new step sister would do me?
Stoner Skater: Nah bro don't fuck with her she is skrate she won't have sex with you.
Stoner Friend #1 I bet a gram you I can fuck her by next week.
Stoner Skater: a gram of weed on it? Shit I'm in.
Cokehead Friend #1:You guys are lucky your favorite drug is so cheap. But i'm Lindsay Lohan so fuck y'all lol jk
Stoner Skater:This is an easy gram bro I'll do coke with yo addicted sorry ass if he wins XD

10 mins later while Lindsay is doing a line

Extra Situation not related
Stoner Friend #1 Lol Lindsay is a sad coke addict
Stoner Skater #2 She's not even that good looking lol

I was stoned in 3rd period while writing this. :"D
by DAStoner September 10, 2016
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