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Daeja is a girl who is something else. She's very different from others around her, but is a joy to have around. She's usually funny, caring, thoughtful, sensitive, sweet, smart but can have her moments. She also won't take crap from others, but doesn't mean she wants to start a fight. She can be a real tomboy, but at times just plain ol' girly. She doesn't see herself as important to others as she really is. She might have difficulty with showing her emotions but if she knows what she's want, she's gonna go after it. She is so weird but a completely awesome friend to have. No matter what your going through, even if she doesn't know what she's doing, she'll do eveything to make you happy again. Overall, Daeja is one of the best people that you can have in your life.
-WOW! Who's that girl?
-That's my best friend Daeja
by FrickinPancakes101 February 16, 2015
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The most hottest bitch you'll ever meet. She will do almost anything to get what she wants and she's not afraid to let you know it. She only dates the hottest guys. All the girls are jealous of her and want to be her. She hates authority and if you try to tell her what to do she will come slap you in ways that haven't even been invented yet. Damn that girl.
Damn that girl is such a Daeja.

I wish I was a Daeja.

Why are you such a Daeja?

Daeja got booty.

Kim Kardasian is a total Daeja!
by Gabriel Pastrano October 13, 2013
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